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View the Earth through
the satellites’ eyes

Did you know that the effects of the COVID pandemic could be seen from space? Can you believe that satellite images can help you track down pirates or rescue people affected by floods or fires?

The Direction Earth/Space AR exhibition shows how satellite observations are revolutionising different domains of life and presents our world from a space-based perspective! You could experience it during 6 months presence of the exhibition in central Lublin. The exhibition was available not only at various sites in the city but also in augmented reality (AR) through smartphone.

Come And Explore

AR Exhibition in Lublin

The Pulse of Nature
Chata Żaka

There’s no hiding it – without plants, we simply wouldn’t be able to survive! Although satellites orbit a few hundred kilometres above Earth, they are like a cosmic stethoscope that perfectly catches the pulse of life on our planet. Check out the first chapter of the Direction Earth/Space exhibition to see how they help us protect our truly magnificent nature.

Summer in the city
Centrum Kultury

What is the highest vantage point in your neighbourhood? A place that offers a breathtaking panoramic view, allowing you to see the entire city spread out before you? Let us introduce you to Earth observation (EO) satellites, the ultimate EO platforms. They provide us with awe-inspiring views and a wealth of valuable information about cities and urban areas. Curious to learn more? Come explore the second chapter of our exhibition and see for yourself!

Big blue
Centrum Spotkania Kultur

The vastness of the world's oceans requires satellite monitoring to understand our magnificent Blue Planet. Satellites provide a unique perspective on open seas and coastal areas. They play a crucial role in safeguarding marine ecosystems and even tracking modern-day pirates! In this third chapter of the exhibition you will learn more about the ways of utilising Earth observation data for ocean science and applications. Does this inspire you? Share your thoughts with us!

Every breath you take
Plac Łokietka

The Earth’s atmosphere not only surrounds you, it is also a part of you! As you read these words, there are about 3 litres of air in your lungs. For many years satellite instruments have been helping us to better understand the Earth’s air quality and climate system. See this fourth chapter of the exhibition to find out more!

Walking on thin ice
Plac Rybny

If the Titanic crew had access to satellite imagery in 1912, the ship would have safely avoided the drifting iceberg. Today, glaciers strike fear for another reason – they are disappearing at an alarming rate through climate change. Satellite images give us the best possible picture of the changes taking place in the lands of eternal ice. Are they really eternal?

Space to the rescue!
Plac Litewski

See how satellites help save lives during natural disasters and catastrophes. They are instrumental in conveying their magnitude, enabling responders to determine which areas require immediate attention. Who knows, maybe they have extended a helping hand to the emergency services also in your area?

Interested in more events?


  • Open Programme

    Krzysztof Kanawka: Wstęp do obserwacji Ziemi: co widać, a czego nie?

    26.07 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Przemysław Żelazowski: How satellites are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of crops in Poland

    16.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Tyler Rayner: Humanizing scientific data

    16.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Lidia Mierzejewska: Jak kształtować miasta odporne na stres?

    17.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Frans Snik and Hester Volten: iSPEX: measuring pollution of air and water

    18.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Zestresowani mieszkańcy czy zestresowane miasta | Magda Milert, Monika Hajto i Zofia Jakubowicz-Prokop

    30.08 online panel

  • Open Programme

    Zofia Bieńkowska: Transdisciplinary research on climate change - how to make it work?

    4.09 online meeting

  • Open Programme

    Z pola na widelec: co będziemy jeść w przyszłości?

    13.09 online meeting

  • Open Programme

    Co Twoje lajki na Instagramie mają wspólnego z przesunięciem osi Ziemi i migracjami klimatycznymi?

    18.09 live meeting at Chatka Żaka in Lublin

  • Open Programme

    DES Earth Observation Industry Day

    20.09, Politechnika Lubelska

  • Open Programme

    Direction Earth/Space Creative Campus Final

    22.09, Chatka Żaka, Lublin

  • Open Programme

    Lublin Science Picnic

    23.09, Targi Lublin

  • Open Programme

    Czy pokolenie Z rzeczywiście przejmuje się katastrofą klimatyczną? Debata o edukacji klimatycznej

    4.10 online

  • Open Programme

    Bożena Łapeta, Piotr Siergiej, Florentyna Sołtysiak: Clean Air Panel

    16.11 Online