About this Open Source

All eyes on Earth – Open Source AR Exhibition

Dive into the fascinating world of Earth Observations and learn how satellites are revolutionising different domains of our life. The exhibition originally premiered in Lublin, Poland – European Youth Capital 2023, and now we want to bring it to a wider audience around the world.

That is why this resource has been created: we transformed the All eyes on Earth AR Exhibition into a versatile, printable edition, which you can exhibit locally – also in your language. Whether you are planning a showcase in a school, a library, a local café, a science centre, or any other social space, this package can be customized to suit your needs.

What is more, the exhibition provides engaging experiences as it uses augmented reality! The technology is easily accessible for the spectators – all they need is their own smartphone.

How to use this Open Source?

It’s very simple! The package has been divided into 6 thematic sections, each consisting of several posters. Start by choosing the sections you want to showcase – you can either use the whole exhibition or only selected posters.

If you want you can also translate the exhibition into your language. The poster files are available as open PDFs – that means you can open them in a variety of software programmes and replace the texts by pasting the translated content over the English version.

Finally, go to your local printing house to print the exhibition. Be sure to check our supporting materials – they will guide you step by step through the whole process.


All eyes on Earth AR Exhibition Open Source is available for free, as long as you use it under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which means:

Attribution (BY): You must give credit to the original creator by keeping the exhibition's title and credits intact on printed posters. Add names of translators, content developers, and your local production team to the credits poster.

Non-Commercial Use (NC): You can only use the posters for non-commercial purposes and cannot sell tickets, posters, or use the package for commercial projects.

Share Alike (SA): If you create local language posters or supplementary content, they must also be shared under the same CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, ensuring open access for others to use and adapt. 

You can contact us to add translated texts to a publicly available resource database at contact@directionearth.space 


User manual

Let us guide you through the whole process of setting up your exhibition.


Here you will find all printable posters that we have prepared.