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Earth orbit is our gateway to space... and an extraordinary vantage point. From here you can experience our planet from an unusual perspective and even venture into deeper space. Have you ever wondered how to reach the orbit or what you can see from up there? Discover this and much more through Direction Earth/Space – a new European Space Agency initiative that will forever change the way you look at the world!

in awe

According to astronauts, the most incredible part of space travel is the awe-inspiring "overview effect". It is an indescribable feeling that overcomes you when you gaze down at Earth from the window of a spacecraft. In that moment, the entire world transforms into a breathtaking organism, suspended in the vastness of space. After such an experience, they say that nothing looks the same again.

Kingdom of

There are hundreds of sophisticated machines in space. What exactly are they doing up there? They seem so distant, yet they provide a unique and precise view of our planet – as a sphere of intricate patterns, shapes, and colours. These satellites collect data that enable us to discover Earth’s natural environment and help us protect it from various threats. Direction Earth/Space will bring them closer to you with all the opportunities that the space-based Earth Observations have to offer.

2023 Calendar


  • Open Programme

    Krzysztof Kanawka: Wstęp do obserwacji Ziemi: co widać, a czego nie?

    26.07 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Przemysław Żelazowski: How satellites are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of crops in Poland

    16.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Tyler Rayner: Humanizing scientific data

    16.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Lidia Mierzejewska: Jak kształtować miasta odporne na stres?

    17.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Frans Snik and Hester Volten: iSPEX: measuring pollution of air and water

    18.08 Online lecture

  • Open Programme

    Zestresowani mieszkańcy czy zestresowane miasta | Magda Milert, Monika Hajto i Zofia Jakubowicz-Prokop

    30.08 online panel

  • Open Programme

    Zofia Bieńkowska: Transdisciplinary research on climate change - how to make it work?

    4.09 online meeting

  • Open Programme

    Z pola na widelec: co będziemy jeść w przyszłości?

    13.09 online meeting

  • Open Programme

    Co Twoje lajki na Instagramie mają wspólnego z przesunięciem osi Ziemi i migracjami klimatycznymi?

    18.09 live meeting at Chatka Żaka in Lublin

  • Open Programme

    DES Earth Observation Industry Day

    20.09, Politechnika Lubelska

  • Open Programme

    Direction Earth/Space Creative Campus Final

    22.09, Chatka Żaka, Lublin

  • Open Programme

    Lublin Science Picnic

    23.09, Targi Lublin

  • Open Programme

    Czy pokolenie Z rzeczywiście przejmuje się katastrofą klimatyczną? Debata o edukacji klimatycznej

    4.10 online

  • Open Programme

    Bożena Łapeta, Piotr Siergiej, Florentyna Sołtysiak: Clean Air Panel

    16.11 Online

Our Partner

European Youth Capital

The European Youth Capital (EYC) is a title awarded by the European Youth Forum to one European city each year. The initiative puts youth in the driving seat to imagine and develop ideas and events that showcase their creativity and innovation, helping to foster a more inclusive and diverse society. In 2023 the EYC title was awarded to the City of Lublin in Poland.

The European Space Agency partnered with Lublin to inspire and engage society through the new visionary initiative called Direction Earth/Space. On the one hand, we take a satellites’ view of our planet to reveal how all of life and the majority of human experience is unified under one whole; planet Earth. On one hand, we showcase satellite Earth observations (EO) perspective of our planet, to reveal the vast range of human experiences that shapes it. On the other hand, our vision extends outward into the boundless expanse of space, where humanity embarks on daring explorations through collaboration and technological innovation.

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