About creative campus

Get inspired, get creative!

Are you aware of the remarkable potential of satellite Earth observations (EO) in addressing climate change and enhancing our daily lives? The EO applications are extensive, spanning fields such as science, technology, education, business, culture, and art. Witness firsthand the power of these solutions and learn about a community of young creators who utilised real Earth observation data to tackle pressing environmental and social challenges of our time.

At the Direction Earth/Space Creative Campus, selected participants collaborated in interdisciplinary teams, guided by experienced mentors and experts, to develop innovative projects driven by this space-based information.

What distinguishes Creative Campus?

Collaborative Innovation

Four diverse teams designed, prototyped, and tested innovative solutions in a thematic track of their choice. They developed new skills, expanded their knowledge and fostered creativity. 


The challenges undertaken within Creative Campus required the involvement of individuals with a wide range of skills, with diverse backgrounds and mindsets.

Expert Guidance

During lectures and workshops led by experts in the field of Earth observation, participants learned how to work with satellite data.

Who are the participants?

We were looking for creative minds, passionate about science, engineering, entrepreneurship, education, culture, art or new media. An important factor was also the desire to take action for climate and environmental quality through social and technological innovations.

The candidates could apply if:

  • they were 18-25 years old

  • they resided in Poland – a hosting country of the European Youth Capital 2023 (regardless of nationality)

  • they were fluent in English

  • they were available to participate in all online and onsite events scheduled for a chosen thematic track

  • they valued collaborative work

  • they accepted the terms and conditions of the Campus